The Energy Crisis

There is money coming out of the sun.
No one is out to see it.

They’re searching for things with their watches and phones.
Searching for love, answers and help with all that they do.
They only find small bits of satisfaction,
Being barely satisfied with ideas from others,
And never noticing that there is money coming out of the sun.

There is money coming out of the sun,
and everyone is looking for money.

I hope they find it…

A flood occurs in one place while a drought occurs in another place.
A tornado kills a family while another family thanks God for another day.

I hope they find it…

The national debt is scaring everyone accordingly.
We are participating in organized partial slavery,
And that’s why it’s so important that we have jobs.
We are bombarded with advertisements and lies,
The news is focusing on the world’s greatest clowns,
The people actually talk about the world’s greatest clowns all day,
And I usually passively pretend that it’s worth any discussion.
It’s all good because there is money coming out of the sun.

Meanwhile, the carbon dioxide levels are increasing globally.
We’re using oxygen faster than it’s being produced.
Oxygen will be expensive.
So will gasoline.
Imagine paying the price of a new car in gas to cross the country.
Imagine having an oxygen bill in your home.
Life will be expensive,
But it’s all good because there is money coming out of the sun.
I hope we all know the good news.
I was happy when I found out too.

But then more days passed.
I started to have a bitter view of society.
We don’t seem to care if there is money coming out of the sun.
We’ve grown used to things being a certain way.
We’re not ready to gather all of the money from the sun.
We’ve lost our way in terms of long term survival.

I became annoyed with the ignorant traffic,
The small talk, the fake smiles,
The phones and watches,
keeping people’s attention away from the sun.

I have mostly become internal about the gift from the sun.
I figure that if other people are intelligent enough,
They will conclude to it too.
Great minds think alike.
And it’s simply true.
Energy is the most important resource,
and it costs money.
I hope they find it.