Education and Pride

I’m always trying to figure out how to inform people and how to convince people of certain things. I know the reason, and I’ve convinced myself with critical logic, so I’m not trying to con people, it’s to help them, but good explanations are simple and short. I want to be an ambassador of science, and I am still working on my credibility before I say anything seriously.

On one side, I could do nothing and let people be self destructive so that I can passively win in this competitive land. On the other side, for critical matters, we all lose when the majority of us fail to be informed. Therefore education is extremely important. Public education in particular has done a service and a disservice. The heart of education should be inspiration, creativity, and the notion that, we must learn what has been done in the past, but everything that has been done before can be done by us too. There’s none of this stuff in school, and people are kept “under one God”, under one system that only educates people enough to be employees or partial slaves.

Even the business schools are keeping far away from the essence of business: Good products and services! To get good products and services, people have to be innovative, which is mostly possible from experience in artistic skillets like inventing, designing, and planning. Instead, we are taught to focus on marketing, so we can make a pile of trash seem amazing. The truth is that good products and good services sell and the information age has made marketing far easier. So marketing is not even worth a whole college degree. The gimmicks for business leaders going to conventions and giving presentations etc. is all keeping people in the ’employee’ zone. Many people are living worse lives than they ever had to because they were never informed of so many important things. Education is failing this country and many others. Well, it’s only one facet of failure in this cookie-cutter nation.

I was lucky to have been taught in a Christian school and to still mature beyond Godly fantasy stories and the irrational fear of a torturous afterlife. Importantly, the contrast in quality of education between public school and private school was huge, but my Christian school still had this elephant, or God, in the room. Taking away people’s pride of being an all-powerful being, teaching people to talk to the air for their greatest wishes, telling people that they were born with some evil sickness and they must accept gifts they never asked for in order to avoid planned eternal misery, torture, pain, and agony- That’s evil! I know better, but many other adults do not. Anyway, I won both things: the quality of eduction, and pride.

Where did I find pride? I found pride in my own choices. I stopped caring about other people’s standards, and I started designing my own culture. I have been doing this since I was 18. I got a math degree, and every class was like church for me. It’s been a decade since my concern for veracity grew so big, and I’m still evolving. I have finally let go of eating mammals. I can quickly explain: If it’s weird to eat cats or dogs or horses or monkeys, then it’s weird to eat any mammal. I decided to stop eating mammals because I am a mammal and I don’t eat things so much like me. I still eat chicken, though. I drew my own line. I stopped saying that I’m a humanist because I care about mammals too. I’m tired of thinking about it, really. I thought about what’s wrong with eating meat and what meat exactly for years, and I tried being a vegetarian a few times for several months each time. Still, I find it best to balance my life, and to crown the conclusion that the problem with eating a human, cat, or dog is that they are mammals, and so I must not eat mammals in general. For me, this is rational culture. I guess, now, I’m a mammalist as opposed to a humanist. I have no idea where to begin to be more active about that concern for mammals, but I at least have a solid start by refusing to eat mammals like pig and cow.

I find my pride in my thought. I think all the time, and I’ve obtained some neat rewards for my work. Enough about me though, I was talking about society.

Society needs to be taught pride in the self. In college, I didn’t like the existence of fraternities and sororities with such humiliating entry processes (I’ll just say ‘frat’ from here on). These frats in particular were detrimental. People were taught to be proud to be part of a group of other people, for the sake of friendship and many other benefits that can be obtained without a frat. Paying an annual fee, these people are sometimes humiliating themselves for no other purpose than to be a part of the frat. This submission for external pride is not good because the pride is ultimately not creative in nature, and the pride is only through association. I know that there are many frats without this problem, many of which are for environmental improvement and I am much more fond of those. People need to impress themselves! For you, YOU are always watching and you’re the one who’s opinion matters. You.

I know that many people will find that last paragraph controversial. If you’ve gotten this far with my article and still believe that I care about your opinion, please go back to the beginning.

We need to stop caring about other people’s opinions so much. I could go on about many small things: the irrelevance of awards ceremonies like the Oscars, Golden Globe awards, and the Emmy awards and the Nobel Peace Prize and these reality shows and so on. We need to make our own standards, be our own judges, draw our own lines with reason! I can do it, and I have been doing it, and I’m doing very well these days. I want to share this because I can’t keep all of the fun to myself!