Ant Man

We are like ants, roaches, or any other species.
Multiplying, striving to continue to be.
Apparently, we are the reason that things continue to be
And the only reason we are here is because we strive to continue to be.
So we are here because we want to be here
And this place is here because we are here.

The universe is playing a theater, if you will, that has events that leap through time differently.
I wrote this very late at night on a week day.
You could be reading this at any time of the day, but, whenever you’re reading this, it’s in the future from the current time for me. The gears and bells and whistles that go, as your brain cells work together to understand what I’m trying to say… This is just part of the grand theater, the timeless work which seems to be searching for all possibilities, and more possibilities are available once we have replicators, growth, things that can use the starlight. Well, replicating bacteria and viruses, and such striving species are here and we’re trying everything we can to continue to be, so as to find all of the possibilities.

Everything is being tried, every idea is getting attempted, and this is our nature. This is nature itself. This is who we are.

As opposed to what Einstein would say, I DO believe that we play dice. When we move, we are not certain that our body will respond. We hope. This is prayer. We internally provide our magical self a prayer to move, and it’s usually answered, because we want to answer it. We have many dice in our mind, and we cannot choose the outcome, but we can roll whenever we want. The choice of timing is the only choice we get. We are gods with many dice, naturally helping the universe achieve every possibility.

Since every person has a weakness, I am delighted to know that this God character designed us after Himself. God’s weakness must be that he doesn’t even know that he’s God because we’re told we’re not creators. We’re not supposed to be all powerful even though women are creating people every day and people are doing new things every day. I wish everyone knew! What a way to have power over others: to convince them that they have no powers.

I will use my power to dance, fly, and light the world with a new color of light.
I will use my power for good.

I am going to keep building.
I am just playing my part in the grand human theater.
My part is important.
I applaud everyone for this complex situation we’ve put ourselves in.
I enjoy the complexity, because I enjoy simplifying.
This is my nature.
I am like an ant, a roach, or any other species.
Multiplying, striving to continue to be.