Abstinence from Suicide

Your opinions offend me
every time that I hear.

They’re like a spear in the heart as
Soon as they touch my ear.
You had time to think about what’s wrong and what’s right
and You still have these opinions, even as late as tonight.

So I can’t speak with you now.
I’m blocking everything out.
I got some things to do.
Everything’s so different like WOW,

I used to love you so much.
We had so many good times
But we were plagued with these fights
and then you hurt me sometimes.

It’s not the fact that you hurt me,
It’s that you still believe
that I deserved so much pain
and after so many weeks.

I do not want to remember
All of the stress that you brought
and I forgive you for everything
Even though it’s a lot.

I cried my heart to the floor
I stood back up and I knew
that if I want to be happy
There’s only one thing to do:
Block everything there is
to let your hatred come through
I know it sounds like love
but look what you put me through.

I think your love is toxic
It’s all pain and tears
Your love is just like a weapon
I never should’ve come near.

I’m glad I came out alive
I have a story to tell
I don’t know if it’s your nature
but you put me through hell.

I plan to carry on now. You did enough to me
I cannot see you at all in the direction I see.

One thought on “Abstinence from Suicide”

  1. Aww, Reggie… I’m so sad to see this. You must be suffering so much to write something like this. My thoughts are with you. Come hang out with me in Bethesda anytime. It’d be great to catch up!

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