No paddle, but a Pencil and Paper

This is hard, isn’t it?

We are making the machine work.

You are part of the human race, a network of multicellular organisms with a gift of thought from the powerful mind, a source of ideas that has proven to be the most delicate yet powerful unit in the universe.

We are humans. We do things that we have set up for ourselves, and we govern ourselves individually and abroad.

We’re building while worrying, and we worry about what might happen because that’s our job.

We even trap ourselves, punish ourselves, fine ourselves, reward ourselves.

We’re just like ants, but our tasks are much more complex. Some of us want to be more human than others, and we’re designed to denounce that by nature.  So there is something unnatural about human beings.

It’s our mind.

Sometimes, we cannot handle our own mind, and we’ve developed ways to communicate stories and truth, like dreams with increasing lucidity.

We are a new type of living organism, and I’m proud to be one of us, but we need to think faster, to find peace and serenity. We need a solution to the evils that spawn from our own mind.

We’re in this together. We might not want to admit it, but we’re working together because it’s best. We agree to speak the same language, even when we come from different lands. We agree on speaking at all, smiling, laughing, no matter what country we come from. We even write, by holding things and dragging shapes onto paper, no matter what shapes we choose, no matter what sounds they should mean, we all agree that this is a useful way to record language and thought in the form of messages, lessons, and notes.

We’re in this together, and we don’t get much choice. Individual people can complain and say that things should be different which is good, but for now, what is working is already proven to work, and it’s a delicate system that we cannot just change quickly. We are in this because this is working, and we know that there’s a better way, but change is hard- it can be dangerous and we must tread new paths with care and remembrance of the past. We must take careful steps to get to where we all know we are going.

One day,

This will all be over. Machines will do the gardening, the farming, the cooking and cleaning. We will have our time back because things won’t cost as much and we won’t have to pay so much, so we won’t need to work so much, because machines will work for us and produce what is necessary, for much cheaper, as competition will force the new slave to be the favorite.

For now,

We are the slaves, by our own design. We have found ourselves in repetitive tasks, the tasks we’ve set before ourselves, striving to produce more, faster, and for less. We’ve built our own prisons and we work ourselves to death, with consent to taxation and consent to long hours, losing the very time that a human could use to be more human than ant.

We will get there. It will be a long journey.

This is hard, isn’t it?