Lesson in Moonlight

I woke up at 2 AM. It’s that time again– my favorite time where if I’m not tired, it’s heaven on Earth. My mind runs wild. This time I want to do more than the usual. There’s levels to this though. The common thing to do is hit the paper and pen and search through mathematics for something beautiful. This time, I wanted to do something else. I wanted to go outside. I packed my knife and I went.

I went outside, and I heard the trees living. I heard the small gusts of wind moving leaves on the ground near and far. Ever so slightly, it was clear to me, that nothing was around me. I walked across the street to the nearby woods. The moonlight shined through the trees, leaving intricate patterns of glistening light on the ground. My eyes adjusted, and I was in a new world. A world of dark blue shadows and grey structures, spanning out of the ground. I found that I was making noise, stepping on leaves, and that any living thing that would compare to me in size would have to make noise too. Since I heard nothing, I knew I was safe. So if I sat down on a fallen tree that I found, I would be safe because my ears would tell me of anything coming. After all, I’m the human. I’m part of the greatest danger in the world. I had nothing to worry about.

So I sat down where a circle of moonlight showed in front of me, changing shape slightly as the leaves moved from the trees above. I meditated. I thought about everything at once. I gathered peace. For once, there was no expectation and there was no audience. There was no internet, no money, no ratings, no grades… Just me.

I cannot put into words what I gathered. Words like ‘peace’ and ‘serenity’ are about as close as it gets.

Still, I had to return to my grid-connected home, sleep and go to work for the next day to eventually be able to pay another month’s mortgage, electricity, internet, etc.

I guess I’ll return there when I need to again. It’s as beautiful as a sweat result of a mathematical endeavor, without the hard work.