About Me

Born in D.C. in 1987.
Half Mexican, Half black, 100% mammal.
I have two brothers and a sister, all older than I.

Graduated from Osbourn Park High School in 2006.
I attended the University of Virginia at Wise, then transferred to James Madison University. I graduated class of 2010 and details about my degree on my resume.
Graduated from George Mason University with a master’s in Applied and Engineering Physics in 2014.

I love hip hop and I take part in the culture by breaking and DJ’ing at my own will. Turntablism, piano, bass, and drums are the musical instruments I play the most. Breaking has been the perfect way to work out and express my spirituality, even if my expression is to the universe itself.

One thing that has found its way into every part of my life is thinking. I believe in thinking as a general solution and I promote it everywhere I can.

That sums me up!

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